Wow, thank you so much for the photos of my son – they are fantastic!!
My son is not always a big smiler for photos but you really captured him beautifully.
Such a great service and high quality portraits, I will be giving you a huge shout out on Facebook!! Thanks again.

Rebecca Grisman, AMAMI
Director, Campaign Group

To the wonderful couple that are portrait patch. I am a mother of both daycare and primary school children in which you have photographed over the last 3 years. I love the backgrounds of your photos, they look wonderful. You are a credit to the company and I hope you will continue the wonderful rapport you have with those you involve yourself. Thank you!

Sunshine Coast, QLD

I’d like you to know that your school photos, especially the individual ones were the best I’ve seen. Many others commented on them as well. They have such a soft and gentle look to them – my daughter’s photo was very special!

Sunshine Coast, QLD

I am thrilled with these lovely photos and wish to thank you so much for your extra time and effort making them special for me. It is very much appreciated!

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Just a short note to say I am thrilled with the photo of my child. I didn’t think you could improve on last year’s photo but you have captured him perfectly once again. Thank you for your time and skill, you are doing a great job!

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Due to the over-whelming positive feedback from the parents about the high quality and satisfaction they have all had with their photos we would love you to take the centre photos again next year. They were absolutely beautiful.

Lisa McCulloch
Director, Goodstart Day Care Centre

As Deputy Principal of the Glass House Mountains State School I have had the pleasure of working closely with Steven Field and his photography team from Portrait Patch. Since using Portrait Patch for our annual school photographs, we have been delighted with the friendly, efficient service which is offered and the outstanding quality of the final product.

Steven and Phean approach each task in a very professional manner, and seek to tailor a quality product which meets the client’s needs. Steven prides himself in getting to know his clients and visits before and after the photographic session. Information is clearly disseminated and any obstacles are addressed early in the process.

I am proud to be associated with Portrait Patch Photography and wholeheartedly recommend them to any school or organisation seeking an honest, friendly company that can satisfy their photographic needs to the highest standard.

Stephen Hall
Deputy Principal, Glass House Mountains State School

We have continued to enjoy a completely hassle free experience with Portrait Patch with minimal disruption to our school, as money/orders/etc. is handled directly.

The photographs are of a very high standard. It is usually difficult to avoid some student absence, therefore a follow up day ensured all students/staff were in the class photos.

Portrait Patch is very professional and has a good rapport with students, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any school.

Deborah Crotty
Principal, Glenview State School

Your School Photographs are Fantastic

Being our Foundation Year, we wanted to ensure a special pictorial record of our students of the highest order. After liaising with Steve on several occasions with regard to various specifications, Steve came up with a balance of all elements required. This was a big commitment given the fact our student numbers were so small.

We appreciated your flexibility, producing photographic packs in different formats to suit the requirements of our parents. Your enthusiasm was evident by the end result of each student’s individual photo. Every parent was very impressed by the photo you captured of their child/children, either individually or in their family portrait.

Congratulations on achieving such great results and thank you for a great job!

Terry O’Hanlon-Rose
Principal, Caloundra City School