Portrait Patch Photography Sunshine Coast


Portrait Patch is a locally owned & operated photography business here on the Sunshine Coast. It has been operating since 2003 when we: Steve and Phean Field along with our beautiful young children relocated from the N.S.W. Hunter Valley.

In the five years leading up to our move we worked alongside our brother and helped him build a small photography business into the largest volume photography company in the Hunter Valley. It was a wonderful training ground for us and a great experience. During that time we learnt a lot about business, schools and people, but most of all we learnt that the real secret to success in the school photography business is based on three main qualities:

We also learnt that as a business grows in size just how difficult it can be to effectively maintain all three. We believe that ‘bigger’ is not necessarily always better and that is why we have chosen to stay a small and personal local business rather than rapidly expand or join with a large national franchise. Of course we know that there are some advantages in being ‘big’ however we love the flexibility being small gives us and what that flexibility ultimately means for our customers.

We place great value on developing and maintaining good quality relationships with all our customers and believe that when we take a photograph we are not just churning out something to make a ‘quick buck’ but partnering with the School, Child Care Centre or Kindy to create the best images we can. Why?.. Because these photographs will be around long after we have gone and they deserve to be great!

Looking forward to working with you soon.

Steve & Phean Field

Portrait Patch School Photography Examples