Q: Do our staff have a Blue Card?

All our staff hold a current ‘Positive Notice Blue Card’ for Queensland.

Q: What Methods of payment do we accept?

The payment methods accepted with your pre-pay envelope are cash, money order and personal or bank cheque. We also accept Visa and Master credit cards as well as PayPal when ordering via our online order page.

Q: How can I order and pay for school photos online?

Our secure online ordering system allows parents to order via Credit Cards as well as PayPal. Simply visit our Order Online page and enter the Shoot Code as displayed on your Pre-pay envelope to begin. Be sure to record the order number on your pre-pay envelope and return it with your child on school photo day. You can order for more than one child in the same transaction. Simply follow the prompt to do so for each sibling then complete the transaction with a single payment.

Q: I will be ordering photographs separately to my child’s other parent or guardian, how can I be sure that I receive the photographs I have paid for?

Separate orders placed for the same child or children can be packaged and labeled separately. If requested Portrait Patch will deliver these separately for parents to collect from the School Office.

For non-custodial parents who wish to receive photographs of their children please contact Portrait Patch and we will liaise with the school to determine how best to help you.

For Orders with Pre-Pay Envelope: Please indicate clearly on the order envelope who is to pick up your order (e.g. “for Mum” / “for Dad” or your name)

For Online Orders: There is an option that can be checked once the parent contact information has been entered.

Q: How long does it take to receive ordered photographs after the shoot?

At Portrait Patch, we pride ourselves on delivering your photos quickly and accurately. We aim to have your order delivered back to your school within 4-5 school weeks after photo day. This period can vary dependant upon proof turnaround times and may be affected by school office closures during school holiday breaks.

Q: Why must I Pre-pay for my photos?

When using our pre-paid envelope system you will be receiving a discounted price on all photo packages. By pre-paying for your photographs you allow us to batch orders and streamline the entire production process thus reducing our costs and the cost to you. Please hand your envelope in at your school office or to one of our staff on the day.

Q: I did not place an order on or before photo day? Is it too late?

You can still place an order after the shoot, however for orders placed late the production process will have moved on and discounted prices will not apply. Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to order after the photo shoot and we will do our best to help you.

Q: I haven’t received my photo pack but other parents have. What should I do?

Once you have checked with the school, please contact Portrait Patch by phone or email, we will trace your order and get back to you.

Q: What if I am unhappy with my photographs?

At Portrait Patch, we aim to keep everyone happy – students, parents, grandparents and schools. All our photo packs come with a 100% quality guarantee. If, for any reason, parents are unhappy with their child’s photos, we offer two options:

1. Contact Portrait Patch to discuss concerns within 7 days of delivery. We may be able to rectify the problem over the phone.

2. Return the product to Portrait Patch within 7 days of delivery with a note explaining why you are unhappy, and your contact information. We will get in touch with you to organize a refund.

Q: Why “Composite” Group?

School life is becoming ever more complex now days and while schools try their best to arrange photo days at times when student absences are kept to a minimum some things just can’t be planned for.

Over the years we have experienced considerable numbers of absences caused by off campus activities such as school based apprenticeships, rescheduled camps, music recitals, dance eisteddfods, flooded roads, swine flu, regional sport of all description, and the list goes on. For this reason rather than offering a traditional photograph we offer a composite group with follow up shoots for staff and students absent on the main shooting days.

By offering the follow up shoots we have far more complete class groups with absences kept to a minimum. For an average school where everything goes to plan there are usually at least 10% of the students absent on photo day. Most and often all of these students are photographed on the catch-up day.

Composite groups are far less disruptive to the class schedules with under half the time required to photograph both a traditional class and individual portrait. A student or teacher who will not be available at the time when their class is to be photographed can also have their portrait taken before school or at any time while our team is on site.

Having only an individual portrait taken can be less overwhelming for children with special needs and the cameo type photo that appears in the composite group can take the pressure off some students who struggle with body image.